Why ‘YES’ to pets is the way into Landlord Supremacy

It is hard to believe that in today’s society there is still a stigma around renting a property to an applicant with a pet.

With a nation of pet lovers (Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership worldwide) it begs the argument ‘Why are Landlords closing the door to high numbers of fantastic tenants’.

The figures speak for themselves, the RSPCA estimate that there are approximately 33 million pets in Australia, with 4.2 million of those being dogs and 3.3 million cats. That is 19 dogs per every 100 people and 15 cats per 100 people.

There are many positives of renting a property to a tenant with pets.

Higher Rental Amount
With the acceptance of a pet, the ability to ask for higher rent is a major drawcard for Landlords. People are willing to pay more if it means they can continue to have their furry loved one with them.

More Applications to Choose From
With the amount of pets in Australian society, opening the application process to pet owning tenants allows the Landlords to have a much greater pool of potential tenants.

Long Term Tenancies
Tenants who are pet owners are less likely to jump from tenancy to tenancy as a furry friend will become familiar with a property. It is harder to ensure a happy animal if they are always being moved around.

Caring and Responsible Tenants
Being a fur-parent is the new stepping stone in today’s society towards family growth. Tenants with pets are more likely to have pride for a property as they are in the nesting stage of their life. Home is where the heart is, a tenant with a pet will want to ensure that the property is safe not only for them, but alsow their furry loved one.

With Australia continuin our love of pets, are you open to the current trend of pet-friendly properties?

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