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Taken from Neil Jenman’s book…

Help for Home Sellers

184 Hints to get you more money and give you less stress

  • Ask the agent how many prospective buyers they have on their database (to whom they email regularly). How often do they contact these people? It should be as soon as new properties hit the market.
  • Golden Real Estate Rule – Never pay any money to any agent for any reason until your home is sold and you are completely satisfied.
  • There are three prices for every home: First, what the sellers would love to receive. Second, what the buyers would love to pay. And, third, what the home eventually sells for – somewhere in the middle.
  • Ask yourself: Would you buy a home from this agent?
  • Before you choose an agent, consider ‘mystery-shopping’ the agent. Call them and see how hard they try to get the best market price for their current clients. You’ll be astonished at how some agents blatantly betray their sellers’ trust!
  • If the agent is late for his first ever appointment with you, chances are this is a dud agent. Agents who break little promises will almost certainly break big promises.
  • If your home is promoted on the Internet and is listed with an active agent, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars in the newspaper. It’s throwing money away. Serious buyers will always find your home.
  • The first offers you get for your home when it first goes on the market are often the best offers. Many a seller has regretted refusing an early offer.
  • The property market can be cruel. It doesn’t care how much you paid for your home. It doesn’t care how much you need to sell your home for. All the market cares about is how much your home will sell for in today’s market. and that can be cruel.
  • Get a friend to mystery shop your agent. See what they say about you and your home. Be prepared to be shocked.
  • Always remember, it’s your home. You’re the boss. The agent has to do what you instruct the agent to do.

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