November 03, 2020

November Property Management Update

October was once again a fantastic month for leasing properties. It's always a pleasure seeing our Landlords happy that we have found them an excellent tenant.

We had a whopping 566 virtual viewings during the month and out of that 66 applications were received.

Now is not the time to sit back and wait for someday to happen, make that someday today, and choose a Property Management team that knows how to get the job done!


Properties Let - 11
Average Rent - $319
Applications Received...


November 01, 2020

Grow a Mo - Save a Bro - Movember is Here

Stop men dying too young!  Movember Web.png

The Peter Lees team are proud to be participating in Movember this year one Mo and one Move at a time.

We'll post regular team updates on our fundraising, Mo Growth and Moves and take you all on our journey. Our Facebook page is where you'll find all our updates.

Movember is saving and improving men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide...


October 15, 2020

The Non-Binding Offer - Protect yourself against the renegotiation

Deciding to accept an offer is one of the most stressful decisions ou will make when selling. To accept a non-binding offer that the buyer then wants to renegotiate after their due diligence has been done is demoralising. It’s crucial to differentiate between a binding and non-binding offer during negotiations.

An offer in the eyes of the law (Fair Trading) can be made in writing or verbally. Real Estate agents must pass all offers onto the owners. This includes unacceptable offers,...


October 01, 2020

October Property Management Update

If you have a vacant rental property in the Launceston area, then you are in the minority! The rental market continues to perform strongly with minimal vacancies and an abundance of tenants. During September, we received 364 enquiries on vacant properties and our virtual tours were viewed 397 times.  

PM Sept Stats (1).png


Average Rent - $341
Applications Received - 55
Average Days on Market - 13.2


Call Leanne Howell...


September 15, 2020

HIGH OR HIGHEST? Why sellers undersell in strong markets...

An irony in real estate is that sellers are more likely to undersell in a strong market than they are in a soft market.  

The reason for this is that in a soft market, sellers tend to fight very hard to protect whatever equity they have in their property. They hold out for every possible dollar and really work towards getting the best possible result in the market.  

By contrast, in a strong market, a seller's minimum price...


September 01, 2020

September Property Management Update

The rental market in our area continues to perform strongly. Properties are in hot demand and we are sourcing quality tenants in record time. According to, 31 days is the average number of days all leased properties in the Greater Launceston area were online. By comparison, we average just 11.5 days, saving our Landlords hundreds of dollars!  

PM August Stats.png


Average Rent - $331
Applications Received - 48
Average Days on...


August 05, 2020

Controlling the Agent - what are standard terms for an agency agreement and what is fair?

Home sellers are well advised to scrutinise their agency agreement prior to signing it. The selling fee, advertising costs and expected selling price are all key elements of an agency agreement, however, the devil is often in the detail. One commonly overlooked component of an agency agreement is the ‘Exclusive Agency Period’.

As market conditions normalise, agents that over promise on their service levels and/or the expected selling price will be caught out.

In a market that punishes agents who over price...


August 01, 2020

August Property Management Update

We've seen some fantastic results over the past month with properties renting both quickly and with an immense amount of interest from prospective tenants. The local rental market is continuing to perform strongly. We're not seeing the drop in rents that some other States are, indeed we are actually seeing a slight increase. 



Properties Let - 9
Average Rent - $307.22
Applications Received - 108 (!!!)
Average Days on Market -...


June 16, 2020


No one is quite certain what the market and the economy will look like when the support packages such as JobKeeper are removed.

Those prospective vendors considering listing on the market will be faced with a decision - sell now in winter whilst COVID-19 continues and the cooler weather sets in, or wait until spring?

The winter vs spring debate rolls around every year with predictions of low or no activity over winter and a plethora of new listings ready for the...


June 02, 2020

'Sotherton' An interview with owner Robert Dusting

'Sotherton' was built in 1931 in the Arts & Crafts Style for Dr. Clifford (CMG) and Edith Craig. Clifford's friend, Hubert Springford East, was the architect and the builders chosen for the construction were J&T Gunn. It was built as the Craig's private residence and professional rooms, each with their own entrance, on the western of two blocks formed from the former front gardnes of 'Sunnybank' (circa 1824). The professional rooms were extended on the western boundary in the late...


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