April 01, 2019

The Three Prices for Your Property

When you are selling your property, there are three prices to be acutely aware of:

  • Marketing Price
  • Current Market Price
  • Best Selling Price


Marketing Price is the price the agent markets the property at to buyers. Legally and practically speaking, the final selling price may be higher, lower of equal to the marketing price. Some agents may deliberately price above or below the current market price creating either a frenzy or a standoff with buyers in the process.

Current Market Price is the fundamental value...


February 08, 2019

Adding Extra Sparkles

Giving your property that extra appeal

You rarely need to spend thousands of dollars to make your home attractive.

Buyers are attracted by the appearance of your property and, when they inspect it, they are influenced by its atmosphere. The right appearance outside, followed by the right mood inside, give you the best chance to get the highest price.

You rarely need to spend thousands of dollars in renovations or repairs to make your property attractive. All you have to do is pay...


February 01, 2019

High Prices at Auction?

At an auction, the seller’s minimum is known as the ‘reserve’. That’s the price at which the property can be sold.


Many properties sell above reserve. When this happens, the auction is hailed as achieving a high price. True. But it is not true to say it is the highest price.

It is not the auction that achieved the price, it was the buyer’s willingness to pay more than the seller’s minimum. The buyer would have bought the property for the same...