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Most people think that changing agents is a complicated business – lots of paperwork, lots of backward and forwards and then more paperwork.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You are also able to switch agents at any time (not just at the end of a tenants’ lease), provided you give your current agent written notice as specified in your current agreement. No, they won’t like it. But fortunately Government legislation allows a property owner the right to choose who manages their property.

How to switch agents…

Sign a Peter Lees Real Estate Management Agreement.  

Yes. That’s it.  Simple isn’t it?

We will contact your current agent and advise them of the new agreement. We will collect the property keys off them, as well as all documentation needed to manage your property (eg. current lease, tenants details, condition report).

We contact your tenant and let them know you have changed agencies and organise any paperwork that they will need to sign and advise them how to pay their rent to Peter Lees Real Estate.

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