Do You Have Your Rental Property Serviced Annually?

If not, why not? You have your car serviced every year, and yet it’s worth far less than your investment property!

Attracting and retaining quality tenants in your property is greatly dependant on keeping up to date with maintenance and updating the property when necessary. Spring is a great time to undertake a check of your property. If you are unable to or don’t wish to do this yourself, your Property manager should be highly capable of advising you in regards to what needs to be done.

Spring Clean

Spring Clean the property thoroughly: this means anything from having the exterior walls washed and driveways pressure-cleaned, to re-painting any scuffed skirting boards or replacing outdated or damaged blinds.


Gardens, although in many instances the tenant is responsible for maintaining gardens, when it comes to pruning of any trees (this includes roses, and any plants that require expert care) or upkeep of retaining walls, those responsibilities lie with the Landlord.


Gutters, unfortunately it’s not a case of out of sight, out of mind. Gutters should be checked and cleaned annually. This prevents any blockages and subsequent water damage to your property.


Although much of this maintenance is often undertaken between tenancies, Spring is definitely the best time of year for the majority of these tasks. We have several contractors we recommend for this type of work, and should you wish to discuss this further, please contact the Peter Lees Property Management Team today.

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