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Buying a property is pretty straightforward, however the processes and paperwork are often terrifyingly complex!  

Our sales team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about it and are happy to simply give advice – even if you are not buying through us.

Below, we’ve outlined the basic steps. First up…

  • Research home loans and apply for pre-approval (this will make everything slightly easier when it comes to actually purchasing)
  • Start your search! This is the fun bit, the exciting bit and the sometimes daunting bit.  Follow our tips.

Ok, you’ve found a property, you’ve inspected it and you like it – what next?

  • Find a solicitor and organise for them to represent your interests – this is for reading through all the fineprint. Like any profession, certain solicitors are specialists in different areas.  If you can, it is best to find one who is experienced in conveyancing. If you don’t know where to look first, we are happy to provide you with a list of the most commonly used local solicitors.
  • Make an offer. This is done both verbally and in written form. Once you make an offer, you are not under any legal obligation until a contract is signed. We will present your offer to the vendor who will either accept or refuse.
  • Your offer has been accepted, it’s time to bring out the champagne!! Well almost, but not quite. We will draw up a Contract of Sale which needs to be signed by both you (the buyer) and the vendor (seller). You may wish to have this contract viewed by your solicitor prior to signing. The contract will have written into it the agreed purchase price, the deposit required, expected dates for finance approval and final settlement. It will also list any ‘chattels’ to the sale and any additional clauses (such as being subject to a building inspection etc).
  • Pay the deposit and receive a receipt.
  • Now you can celebrate!!
  • Provide us with the details of your chosen solicitor.
  • Your solicitor will advise us once the sale becomes ‘unconditional’ meaning that finance has been formally approved by your finance provider.
  • Now we will put up a SOLD sign and wait for the settlement date to roll around. 
  • Prior to settlement, there is usually one final inspection from you of the property.
  • Settlement day arrives!! You can collect your keys and move in – more champagne!!

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