Michael Lunn

Michael Lunn

Sales Consultant

Mike originally worked with Peter Lees back in the mid nineties and enjoyed getting out and meeting people, because he loves to chat!

Most people may recognise the name or face from his long time media career which he returned to after around two and a half years with Peter Lees real estate.

A chance meeting with his old colleague Terry Robinson, mixed with some of Terry’s charm and persuasion, and Mike decided to return to Peter Lees where he has spent his time successfully delighting both buyers and sellers.

In his spare time (a bit rare in this business!) he spends it with his family and on the occasional weekend, ruins a good walk by playing golf with his buddy Ken. He claims it’s an unusual game of fun and frustration so it’s also lucky that there is a 19th hole.

Ken tells him he’s far too honest to be in Real Estate, which Mike takes as a compliment.