A Long History

Peter Lees Real Estate has a team of dedicated people in Real Estate Sales, all working together to become the best Real Estate office in Launceston, Tasmania. The principles of this office are aligned with those of the Jenman Approved Group and the Pittard Training Group. These principles are promoting Ethics in Real Estate. Our sales team takes this responsibility very seriously.

We aim to change the way property is bought and sold, and this is why…

In his pre-Jenman real estate career, Peter Lees spent many years sitting on an international real estate board “discussing” ways to improve real estate practices that were never fully actioned.

Then in 1999 Peter and Marlene Lees attended a workshop run by a real estate guru called Neil Jenman who was frowned upon by the establishment. Peter learnt more about managing a real estate business at that workshop than he had learnt in his previous 20 years in the industry.

 Neil Jenman questioned the following:

· Why do real estate agents charge sellers such exorbitant amounts for advertising?

· Why do agents commit sellers to auctions when most in the industry would never do an auction for their own mother?

· Why conduct open homes when we know that we can get much better results by actually talking to buyers?

· Why? Why? Why?

The workshop was challenging and confronting. It was diametrically opposed to nearly all standard industry training. It was truly a lightening-bolt moment. Peter and Marlene came to the conclusion that the practices they had been taught were for the benefit of agents, not consumers. Peter returned from the workshop a changed man.  He retrained the team and started the huge job of changing the way real estate is bought and sold, right here in Launceston.

Real Estate does not need to be traumatic or costly. Director Terry Robinson's belief is that if we use our real estate skills to help a family in our community, our reward is not only financial but also personally satisfying.  He believes in putting the clients needs ahead of our own interests and that’s why they keep coming back!

As your real estate helpers, we are happy to advise you on any real estate matter. Our office is open 7 days a week at 152 Brisbane Street, Launceston.